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If you have been diagnosed with an MPN, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. In addition to your physician and family members, you have the support of a large and growing MPN community that understands the challenges you face. MPN Research Foundation is proud to play a vital role in the MPN community. We’re committed to working alongside researchers and physicians to provide comprehensive support for MPN patients and their families, offering the advocacy, education, and resources you need to find hope for a better tomorrow.
  • Support HotlinesSpeak one-on-one with counselors, resource specialists, or information specialists who are available to provide emotional support and assist you in finding local, regional and national resources.
  • Support Groups – Find MPN patient support groups in your area.
  • Online Support Groups – An easy solution to meet other people with PV, ET, and MF.
  • Peer-to-Peer Support – Free personalized peer-to-peer support for cancer fighters, survivors, & caregivers provided by MPNRF partner, Imerman Angels.
  • Patient Resources – Discover articles and other resources for MPN patients.
  • International Resources – Connect to various organizations outside the U.S.

If you are unable to locate an existing support group that meets your needs in your community, consider starting your own. Establishing a support group for people who have been directly affected by ET, PV, or MF takes a great deal of commitment and dedication but is a highly rewarding activity. It provides you an opportunity to connect with others who share similar experiences.

Have questions about starting your own MPN patient support group?  Contact us via email and view MPN Research Foundation’s Starting an MPN Patient Support Group guide to learn more.

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