MPNRF Annual Roundtable

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Defining the future of MPN research

MPN Roundtable™ is MPN Research Foundation’s signature event, bringing leaders from the research, industry, and patient communities together to chart a course for MPN research.

What began in 2012 as an informal gathering of patients and clinicians has evolved to become the only MPN meeting focused on looking forward to advance research.

Bridging the gap in MPN science

MPN Roundtable leverages our unique position at the intersection of three MPN stakeholder groups — researchers and clinicians, the biopharma industry, and the MPN patient and caregiver community — convening representatives in a closed forum for candid communication.

The impact

From JAK2 drug research to the identification of the CALR mutation, some of the most groundbreaking MPN developments have emerged from gatherings in the early years of the foundation.