MPN Neutrality Policy | MPNRF


MPN Research Foundation Statement of Independence

MPN Research Foundation exists to fund and promote research into the myeloproliferative neoplasms essential thrombocythemia, myelofibrosis and polycythemia vera. We pride ourselves on historically being funded mostly through donations made by patients and individuals connected to patients. However, MPNRF also welcomes and accepts monetary and in-kind donations from companies including those in the biotech, pharmaceutical and related industries.

MPNRF and those in the biotech / pharmaceutical industry have a common goal of finding better ways to control MPNs. To that end, biotech / pharmaceutical companies sometimes provide funding to MPN RF. These funds may be restricted or unrestricted.

Restricted funds from industry have only been applied to the hosting of events and for our outreach and education programs. There is no exchange of quid pro quo for these sponsorships and they do not have access to any data generated from these activities that is not part of the public domain. 

Unrestricted funds from all sources, including industry, go primarily to funding our research program, principally the MPN Challenge Grant program. Our first-class Scientific Advisory Board and other academic advisors independently evaluate research funding requests we receive and, independent of any input from any industry funders, the MPNRF board decides how to deploy the funds. 

Program Neutrality
MPN Research Foundation makes no commitment or effort to promote or endorse specific companies or products in any way. We share information about all clinical trials or pending treatments regardless of whether companies are past or present sponsors. Our research grants, education materials and other programs are subject to review by our staff, academic scientific advisors and our Board of Directors only.  

Industry sponsors are not included in closed-door grant review sessions, and they are not part of the decision-making bodies when it comes time to decide the future investment of the Foundation in any research program or outreach activity. 

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